Free USB Disk Security 3.0

Free and easy scanning and monitoring of USB thumb drives

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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USB Disk Security aims to protect your system before a virus has a chance to infect your removable storage devices. The software uses advanced technologies to detect and block infections before they have a chance to spread to your removable devices. This not only protects your system and data, but it also prevents you from infecting other computers. You can use the software in conjunction with other anti-virus security suites and it provides resident protection to keep your computer safe from harm.

After installing the software, the program automatically begins working in the background. When it detects a flash drive inserted into the system, it scans the drive for any sign of malware. The application prevents infections on your flash drive from installing themselves on your computer. As a result, it will improve the security of your home or office network. Once you install the software, it sits ready to activate in the system tray. You can enable the menu options straight from the system tray to enable or disable automatic scanning. Since scanning can take some time, this can provide a useful benefit for drives that you know to be safe.

The full-version of the software provides additional scanning options. These options include four features. First, there is the ability to show a list of autostart applications. Second, it can protect your operating systems memory. Third, it can quarantine suspect files. Finally, it can repair a corrupted USB drive.

Device corruption can occur from improperly ejecting the hard drive form the system or an infection. You can view a list of files and applications and quickly remove them from the USB device using the "Delete" button.

Some of the worst virus infections can completely disable a computer system, send valuable information to third-parties and wreak havoc on your machine. Spending a few minutes to run USB Disk Security on your flash drives can greatly prevent the spread of infection, and is a must-have program especially if you don't run an anti-virus security suite on your computer. The program runs silently in the background and never forgets to check when you install a new flash drive. Make sure to let any scans complete before you transfer files from the flash drive to your computer.

While the software does have some pros and cons, you need to buy the full version of the software to take advantage of advanced options. However, even without purchasing the full version, you can still use the software to control infections.


  • Runs silently in the background and protects your system from infections
  • Provides additional repair and recovery tools to fix corrupted drives.
  • Protects others form viruses that may spread from your computer to your flash drive.
  • Runs automatically and requires minimal user interaction.


  • The program has a limited trial version. The full version must be purchased for advanced tools.
  • Must be installed on the computer you want to protect.
  • Requires a license to install the software on each computer.
  • No option to encrypt your USB drive.

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